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Supplier Failure Products

Affirma provides a range of supplier failure insurance products, designed to meet the specific needs of clients, giving exactly what they need and none of what they don’t.

Supplier Failure Products

Complete Supplier Failure Cover

We give you complete peace of mind – whatever happens

If you want total peace of mind, choose our Complete Supplier Failure insurance policy. It covers failure of all declared suppliers, including scheduled airlines and consolidators, and ensures that all parties are protected.

The cover is designed to be flexible to suit your specific business needs, and covers the cost of the holiday or up to the sum insured (whichever is less), replacement of a failed component (even at a higher cost*), as well as operators’ loss of margin or commission.

Suppliers can include:

  • Scheduled airlines
  • Hotels
  • Ferries
  • Villas
  • Rail and coach operators
  • Safaris and specialist tours
  • Car hire

*conditions apply

To find out more about Complete Supplier Failure Cover,
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Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance

We’ll keep you flying (even if the airline isn’t)

If a scheduled airline fails, we’ll make sure your business isn’t grounded too. Our Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance provides protection for failure before or during your customers’ travels, and covers the cost that your customer paid for any flight you need to refund.

It covers all scheduled airlines with an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) designation.

To find out more about Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance,
call us on 0203 540 4422 or email us

Charter Airline Failure Insurance

We offer specialist cover for your special events

The last thing you want, when chartering airlines for a special event or purpose, is for something to go wrong. But if it does, you can rely on us to save the day.

Our Charter Airline Failure Insurance protects you from the risk of failure of charter airlines used for special events, one-off or multiple charters, and bookings organised by a principal travel operator. It covers a range of events, including sports, entertainment, overseas conferences and more.

Tailored to your business needs, it offers competitive premiums and flexibility for charter airline organisers if problems occur. It also covers any unrecoverable costs that cannot be claimed by other means.

To find out more about Charter Airline Failure Insurance,
call us on 0203 540 4422 or email us

Non-Airline Supplier Failure Insurance

We even protect your customers before they leave

If your customers’ travel arrangements are cancelled (even before they set off) due to supplier failure, our Non-Airline Supplier Failure Insurance will cover their costs for you.

The suppliers we cover include flight consolidators and flight brokers, accommodation (including bed banks), ferries, excursions and tours, rail and coach journeys, car hire and more.

To find out more about Non-Airline Supplier Failure Insurance,
call us on 0203 540 4422 or email us

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