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Embedded Products for Travel Insurance Schemes

We help you to give your customers more

If you want to offer your customers a superior level of service and protection, we can help with a number of products You can add to existing Travel Insurance schemes to enhance the policies you provide.

Our products offer cover levels specifically designed to suit your market, and include:

  • Single & Annual Multi-Trip – up to 90 days maximum trip duration
  • Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance
  • End Supplier Failure Insurance
  • Travel Disruption Cover

To find out more about Embedded Products for schemes,
call us on 0203 540 4422 or email us

Holiday Balance Insurance

Don’t mind the gap between booking and payment

If you allow customers to book their holidays early with a deposit, and use charter or low cost airlines who require full payment for the flight cost at the time of booking, you’re left with a vulnerable financial gap.

Luckily, we’re happy to fill it. Our Holiday Balance Insurance covers you for the gap between the deposit and payment of full price of travel arrangements. So you don’t need to hold your breath until the balance of holiday bookings come in, and instead can feel reassured that you’ll be paid either way.

To find out more about Holiday Balance Insurance,
call us on 0203 540 4422 or email us

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