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When everything goes wrong, we put it right

Over the past two decades, the founding partners of Affirma have witnessed the commercial devastation and human cost of financial failure in the travel sector – and felt that more could be done.

We wanted to do something to make difficult, unavoidable situations easier for everyone. And our shared experience told us there was a need for a business that doesn’t just understand the commercial dynamics of the travel industry, but has the empathy to make it work.

And so Affirma was born.

We operate with a fundamental belief that your world is our world, and want to protect you and your customers from the impact of financial failure, with a level of understanding not shared by other providers.

So if everything else goes wrong, you can rely on us to put it right.



Information on Monarch Travel Group and claims with Affirma. Our advice to the general public and to travel companies holding commercial supplier policies.

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