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We provide businesses and their customers with certainty through financial protection insurance. It’s a positive solution for when a negative situation arises - ready when you need it.

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We’re brilliant in a crisis

Volcanic eruptions. Airline failure. Strikes. Flooded hotels. There are some disasters that you just can’t avoid when travelling. But while they may be inconvenient, they shouldn’t mean the end of the world to you or your customers. And thanks to us, they won’t. Because when the worst happens, we’re here to make it better with the reassurance of supplier and financial failure insurance.

We’ve ploughed over two decades of experience in the travel insurance industry into a range of professional products and services designed to keep your business going, even when everything around you seems to have ground to a halt. So whenever there’s a supplier or financial failure crisis, we’re the people you want to have around.

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Certainty in motion

With a suite of progressive specialist commercial insurance products offering financial protection against the risks of financial or supplier failure, we continually develop our solutions to provide the best cover possible.

Our aim is to create certainty for businesses and customers alike and never stop.

To find out more about our products and services contact us to find out more on: 0203 540 4422

Supplier Failure Products

We give you complete peace of mind – whatever happens

If you want total peace of mind, choose our Complete Supplier Failure Insurance policy. It covers failure of all declared suppliers, including scheduled airlines and consolidators, and ensures that all parties are protected.

Cruise Protection Cover

We’ll keep you (and your customers) afloat on a cruise

You don’t want to be left all at sea should something go wrong on a cruise holiday. So our Cruise Protection Cover protects you if your customers miss a connection or departure when joining their cruise.

Travel Disruption Cover

We’ll help you weather the storm when lightening strikes

When bad weather disrupts your customers’ travel plans, we’re your silver lining. We can protect you against the cost of looking after your customers if they’re grounded thanks to a force majeure.

Financial Failure Insurance

We help you to put your customers first

If you want to offer your customers the very best service, choose our Financial Failure Insurance. It’s designed to protect your customers if a company suffers financial failure and they are unable to recover their funds by any other means.

Additional Products & Solutions

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Thomas Cook – Important Notice

As at 2am Monday 23rd September 2019 the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) confirmed that the Thomas Cook Group including Thomas Cooks Airlines ceased trading with immediate effect as last ditch rescue plans collapsed.

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